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Ground Coffee

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The Perfect Coffee


Hey there!

Like some of our most awesome stories are shared over a cup of coffee, I’d like to tell you mine. 


I’m a mad scientist about flavours and a workaholic. I’m also a college student and practically guzzle down coffee every second of the day. When the world shut down due to the 2020 pandemic, most of my go to coffee shops closed. Which led me to try and test a lot of instant coffees from various companies, at home. Unfortunately, I could never find my perfect cup. And so, Hardcaff was born.


My quirk for flavours was passed down to me from my forefathers, who were tremendously successful in the milk and food industry and had a knack for just the right taste in everything they created. With this gift, I’ve been developing my own secret brew of the perfect flavour to instant coffee ratio and with a lot of trial and error and a lot of love, I was successful in producing a cup as strong as a black coffee and as flavorful as ice cream. Yes!


Hardcaff specifically focuses on bringing you an overnight brew kind of quality with the most perfect measurements and aroma, right on your kitchen shelf, ready to be served.


I’ve crafted an ideal cup for each person out there. As unique and perfect as you are, so should be your coffee.



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